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Marie Forleo – Video – Women and Money: 3 Secrets for Building Serious Wealth

money saving tipsIn this video Marie Forleo is interviewing Amanda Steinburg – CEO and Founder of The subject of women and money is an interest of mine as I ┬áhave said for years women have been left behind when it comes to financial power and financial knowledge. The subject of women and finances first became an interest of mine years back when my daughter attended a seminar on budgeting….I encouraged her to attend this event as I thought she might be able to get a different perspective than what I was giving at the time.

After the seminar was over my daughter informed me that the majority of the attendees of this event were middle age to senior women who had been divorced, widowed or separated and were needing help dealing with their finances as the men in their lifes were always the ones who dealt with majority of the financial issues. Until then I didn’t realize how big of an issue this was. One of the women at the event told my daughter all her life growing up she was forbidden by her parents and then husband to handle the finances – this was just her upbringing. Another lady told her a similar story but was given a small jar of money to manage for groceries and only groceries so she had a little experience but not enough to know about how to create a budget.

My belief in marriage is you work as a team on everything including finances and each partner should be aware how to manage finances, this has worked well for our situation over the years but it is apparent that obviously not all relationships work this way, that is what gave me the drive to create Fixing Your Financial Health in the beginning. It was to be a resource on ways to save money, how to create a budget, mindset and money and so much more. During Mario Forleo’s interview with Amanda Steinburg she mentioned that 65%+ household budgets are controlled by women but out of those women it is my understanding Marie is saying that 60% have poor investment and money management skills – that is huge!

The video below is worth the watch and is 16 minutes in length…you will be glad you took the time to watch the video as it is very informative.
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