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4 Money Saving Tips You Forgot About!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

It is important for you to understand that it is never too late to start saving, regardless of your age. Set your mind to understand and commit that now is the time to start building your future. There are hundreds of money saving tips that will help you to save a little money here and there. By using these tips to save $20 here and $15 there your savings will add up to big numbers by the end of the month, the quarter, or the year.

Some tips you hear about may seem a bit quirky and maybe they have some validity to them but for your situation they may not so don’t worry about discarding what does not fit your style. In the end you have to believe in such strategies and be willing to implement them. Action is what is going to determine the difference between success and failure.

The following tips are just what you need to start or add to your money saving journey, these money saving tips will help add a few hundred dollars to your savings portfolio by the end of the year, maybe even thousands depending on your situation. By using tip #3 I saved over $1000 last year alone.

1. Buy in Bulk

It is true that warehouse shopping can save a lot of money. Even if you have a small family, you can always split large quantities. The price of items in bulk is generally a great bargain. If you are single, you might go in with friends or family on bulk items. Take a look at Cosco as an example….cereals, toilettries, breads, meats are great examples of bulk purchasing. Not only do you save in monetary value but also you get good quality items.

2. Carpool

In some larger cities, carpooling is required in order to reduce smog. However, regardless of where you live, carpooling can also be a big money saver. Check with co-workers and determine who lives close enough to share a ride. Not only can this help to reduce your stress level but also by the end of the year, you will have saved several hundred dollars or maybe more.

3. Pocket Change

Keep a jar or some type of container handy and each time you come home, drop in your change into the container. Every time you break a bill, put the change in your container. You will be amazed how quickly your money will build. I did this and cashed the jar in 3 times throughout the year….the total savings added up in excess of $1000. Just this tip alone is worth the effort.

4. Potluck Tuesdays

Ok it doesn’t have to be Tuesdays however invite friends over for dinner as a potluck. People love sharing their favorite recipe and by splitting dinner, everyone enjoys variety while saving money. In fact, make this a tradition amongst your friends. It is amazing how much fun the social conversation can be about a particular dish of food, people love to talk about their accomplishments…why not use food as a topic.

I have provided you with money saving tips and some of these tips you may love and others not so much, but heres the real deal. I can give you all the tips you want and maybe wouldn’t have thought of on your own but unless you are willing to put them into practice they have no real value. Also once put into practice take the money you save with these tips and actually put the money to work for you through a practical savings program….you will be glad you did. Before you go take a minute and fill out the form to your right and join our community for more upcoming financial news that could add value to your financial health.