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Money Saving Tips – Giant Retailer Gives Away $49.97 Product for 44 Cents!

money saving tips
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I have to say today’s post is definitely going to be a surprise for you….Today my wife bought a $49.97 Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Seat at Walmart for 44 cents. You read that right 44 cents – True Story. Talk about money saving tips, this one is a rare but possible one to keep an eye out for.



It just so happens a store clerk mistakenly put an advertised price of 44 cents on a Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Seat instead of $49.97 – check out the pictures in this post. There is one of the advertisement and one of the receipt –  Money Saving Tips Cash Receipt for Fisher Price Bouncer Seat

My wife seen this and brought it to the attention of the manager on duty who in the end had no choice but to give it to her for the advertised price of 44 cents.

This is not the first time she was able to get a deal at a store due to incorrect price being advertised on a product but this is definitely the first time at such a low price.

When you shop at any store you need to keep your focus on the advertised prices, you never know when you will find a deal of the day such as this one. The onus is on the store staff to get the prices right not you. The store has to give you the product at the “advertised price”, whether it makes sense or not. They will no doubt attempt to argue and justify their mistake however if they don’t give it to you as advertised, then this is considered false advertising – bottom line.

Of all the money saving tips we have discussed to date this tip is one I would not have believed unless I experienced it for myself….I would be interested in hearing of your comments below about any unusual tips you have experienced on your shopping journey or otherwise.