4 Money Saving Tips For Financial Independence

Being financially independent isn’t just done with good looks and brains…I personally know some ugly and brainless rich people. Financial Independence is done through strategy and skill….part of my strategy was to learn new techniques and understand personal finances, something I was good at teaching but not doing until my recent years. One thing I do focus on is money saving tips that line my pocket and not the retailers. Don’t get me wrong they still make money off of me but not as much…

7 Money Saving Tips You Need to Know For Financial Success!

In today‚Äôs financial climate how is it possible for the average wage earner to save money? There was a day when we may have had a financial emergency or uncertainty once in a while but now we seem to be hammered with emergency after emergency every month, for some every week and it never seems to give us a rest. Ie: car repairs, overdue bills, medical expenses, daycare and the list goes on. Over the next few days I will be sharing money saving tips…

4 Steps On How To Improve Your Credit Score

How can I repair my credit score? You may be asking yourself this very question if you have damaged your credit score in recent months or years. Some of you may be feeling like it is hopeless however I am here to tell you it is very possible to fix a credit score even under the most severe cases of poor financial health…check out this article for the answer….

5 Keys To Improve Your Financial Health

Have you checked on your financial health lately? Knowledge is power and this powerful knowledge can help you to maintain good financial health or if necessary repair your finances….check out these 5 keys I have outlined to help you maintain good financial balance.